un cycle de vie durable et éthique
telle est l’ambition de la fondation h&M
appel à projets sur le thème
de la création durable 2017


Quality education is the foundation of improving people’s lives and contributing to a sustainable development. Education raises job prospects, increases economic growth, boosts health and promotes more stable communities. It is also critical for creating equal opportunities for all children, which in turn can reduce inequalities and promote gender equality.

In the Global Program for Education, H&M Foundation works in a transformative way to reach systemic change on a global level, and also supports local projects for education to create direct impact in several countries around the world.


Striving towards equal societies and breaking cycles of exclusion means providing all marginalized groups with tools to unlock their full potential. Even though equal opportunities for people have increased, inequality still persists and there are still big differences in access to basic services such as health and education for people around the world.

H&M Foundation together with CARE drives a transformative program focusing on creating systemic change. In addition to this, we have several local projects for direct impact on integration and inclusion of marginalized groups across the world.


Clean water, along with good sanitation and hygiene, are very effective in reducing poverty. It can help save lives, drive economic growth, keep children in school and increase opportunities for women and girls.

Within our focus area Water, we work with WaterAid in a transformative program to create systemic change on a global scale. In addition to this, H&M Foundation supports local projects that have a direct impact on the sanitation and health of people around the world.


As the population of our planet heads towards close to 10 billion in 2050, every industry need to innovate beyond their current imagination to safeguard both people and the planet.

Planet earth is our home. With a growing world population, how we manage and consume our resources will be crucial for the lives of present and future generations. To take responsibility for one of the greatest challenges of our time, all industries will have to re-think and innovate beyond their current imagination.

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